Friday, January 10, 2014

Open Data Licensing - presentation by Carlo Piana (and Simone Aliprandi)

Here are the video and slides of a presentation by Carlo Piana and me (Simone Aliprandi) for "Open data in transition", an interesting conference at University of Trento (December 19, 2013).

Full title: Open Data Licensing (With Emphasis on the Italian Public Sector): Guidelines for Choosing and Applying the Most Suitable License.

This presentation is based on the documentation produced within the Project. See original sources here: 
- Spatial data licensing: guidelines for choosing and applying the most suitable license 
- A legal framework of open (geo)data
- Opendata licensing graph

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  1. How experts think we can make open data more, well, open. Open data has the potential to improve the economy, environment and our society, but there's plenty of room for improvement before it is actually able to achieve those changes.