Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Italian government publishes the official guidelines for adopting FOSS in the public sector

We already know that the Italian legislative system is often more complicated than others. In 2012 an innovative legislative action finally stated that the FOSS options should take precedence over the proprietary ones in the public sector.
But a new and very clear law is not alwasy enough to make a revolution really effective.
So the Italian government decided to designate a technical commission composed of some experts of computer science and computer law, and the spokespersons of IT companies (such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM) and the main FOSS communities active in Italy (suche as Debian, LibreOffice).
Now this commission closed their work and we finally have the guidelines. They are published as Circolare 63/2013 (Guidelines for the comparative evaluation as defined in Article 68 of the Italian Digital Public Administration Act).

If you lose the previous episodes, read these articles:

- another blogpost of mine (originally published on August 2012 on my blog): Free and open source software takes precedence. By law! 
- a peer-reviewed article (by Simone Aliprandi and Carlo Piana) published in March 2013 on International Free and Open Source Software Law Review
-  another article on the same topic by Guglielmo Troiano: Free software and comparative evaluation in the Italian Public Administration
- press release by Free Software Foundation Europe:
Italy puts Free Software first in public sector

for Italian readers:
- Se non basta la legge, ecco le linee guida
- Il software libero ha la priorità. Per legge

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  1. Questa è un'ottima notizia, c'è una versione in inglese?
    (Great news, is there an English version? The 70 pages are too much for Google Translate).